What is Mail Log?

Written By Eugenia Gueorguieva (Administrator)

Updated at September 22nd, 2022

The Mail Log contains all final documents received or sent by the firm and provides a link to the image of the document(s) described in the mail entry.  The documents can be previewed in-app, or downloaded.

The daily Mail Log is distributed electronically at the end of each day.  Mail distribution sends an email to any user assigned as a team member to a matter for whom mail distribution is enabled in the Matter Info tab.  The email contains a description of the mail item, as well as a link to the mail item in the application where the user can view the attached documents. 

A mail log item contains tags that allow the user to search for a mail item based on the tags associated with it.

Each document attached to a mail item also has tags associated with it, which are specific to that document.  The document tags can be different from the tags of the mail item to which the document is attached, or the same.

All fields of the Add Mail Item form are mandatory, except the Note field.

  • Matter - this is the matter name.  Select the matter name first in order to be able to attach documents to this mail item.  The matter name field is a search field with suggestions. Only open matters are available in the list of matters.  A new mail item cannot be added to an archived matter.

  • Date - the date of creation of the mail item, i.e. the date the documents were received or sent.  Note that creating a mail item with a date other than today will exclude that mail item from the mail distribution.  Only mail items with the current date (=today) will be included in the daily mail distribution.

  • Status - the status of the mail item can be either “Received” or “Sent”.  

    • “Received“ indicates incoming mail and documents.  

    • “Sent” indicates outgoing mail and documents.

  • Description - the description of the mail item is composed of the status of the mail item (Received or Sent), and the name of the uploaded files.

  • Type of Mail - drop-down menu with the following default options: 

    • E-file

    • E-mail

    • Fax

    • Messenger

    • Overnight Mail

    • Regular Mail

The data labels for Mail Type are customizable in the Account Administration section of the application.  The permission to customize the Mail Types can be granted to users by Super Admin.

  • Tags - adding tags to each mail item adds metadata to the mail item. The tags are searchable and can be included in any search query or custom report.  The default tags are as follows:

    • Bates Stamped Docs

    • Correspondence

    • Client Documents

    • Discovery

    • Experts

    • Mediation

    • Other

    • Pleadings

Tags are customizable in the account Administration section of the application.  The permission to customize the tags is granted to users by Super Admin.

  • Attached Files  -drag and drop the files that you want to add to this mail log item, or click on “Attach File” to browse and select the files.  The attached files can be previewed in-app or downloaded.  Each file can have tags that are different from the tags of the mail item to which it is attached.  The tags are searchable and can be included in any search query or custom report.

  • Note - not a mandatory field.  You can include any additional information about this mail item or the documents attached to it, for example, if the documents were damaged, or if it appears that a page or a document is missing, etc.

  • Send to Docketing - checking this box will send an email to the user designated in the Docketing field in the Matter Info section of a matter, notifying them of the receipt of the documents attached to the mail item for calendaring.

  • Docketing Complete - checking this box indicates that the documents attached to this mail item have been reviewed by the docketing user and dockeitng has been completed.

  • Save and Create Event - selecting Save and Create Event will open the New Event form with the information inherited from the mail item:

    • Matter

    • Description

    • Attached files (mapped to Source Document for the new event)