Docketing Report

Written By Eugenia Gueorguieva (Administrator)

Updated at September 22nd, 2022

The Docketing Report displays all mail items dated within the specified date range, regardless of whether a mail item was sent to docketing or not. 

If a mail item was not sent to docketing, the date for "sent to docketing" and the "user sent" fields will be blank. 

Use the filters button above the table to filter by matter, user, or date.

The Docketing Report displays the following fields:

  • Date - the date of the mail item.
  • Matter Name and Matter Number - the matter to which the mail item pertains
  • Docketing User(s) - The user(s) listed in the “Docketing User” field of matter details. This is the user receiving notifications when a mail item is sent to docketing.
  • Description - the description of the mail item.
  • Attached Documents - the names of the documents attached to the mail item.
  • Sent to Docketing Date - the date the mail item was sent to Docketing, i.e. the date on which the docketing users received notification of the mail item. If this field is empty, the mail item has not been sent to Docketing.
  • Sent By User - the user who sent the item to Docketing, i.e. the user who checked the Send to Docketing box. If the Send to Docketing Date is blank, the Send by User field will also be blank (i.e. the mail item has not been sent to Docketing yet).
  • Docketing Complete Date  - the date when the box “Docketing Complete” is checked. If this field is blank, the checkbox “Docketing Complete” has not been checked yet on this mail item.
  • Completed By User - the user who completed the docketing, i.e. the user who checked the box “Docketing Complete” for this mail item.

Sample Docketing Report