Written By Eugenia Gueorguieva (Administrator)

Updated at September 21st, 2022

You can designate a user to receive notifications for account-related events. To do so, select the users you want to receive the notifications for each notification and hit the Save button on the bottom of the page.

Use the toggle button to turn on or off the specific notification method for each item. Two notification methods are possible: in-app or via email.



Notifications can be send for the following items:

Subscription changes:

  • Plan changes - users will be notified when the organization’s plan has changed
  • Payment method changes - users will be notified when the payment method on the account has changed

Billing notifications:

  • New invoice generated - users will be notified when a new invoice has been generated
  • Invoice due - users will be notified when an invoice is due
  • Invoice paid - users will be notified when an invoice has been paid


  • New user added - users will be notified when a new user account has been created
  • User role changes - users will be notified when a user’s role has been changed
  • User billing rate changes - users will be notified when the account’s billing rate has changed


  • Opening new matters - users will be notified when a new matter has been created
  • Closing matters - users will be notified when a matter has been closed