Company Info

Written By Eugenia Gueorguieva (Administrator)

Updated at September 21st, 2022

The Company Info tab contains general information about your company. All fields are editable except Company ID.

To edit the company information, select the Edit button on the bottom of the page. Once you are finished editing the page, you must press the Save button on the bottom of the page in order to save your changes.


Company Name - your organization's name.

Company ID - is your organization's unique identifier. It was assigned by the application when your organization's account was created and cannot be changed.

Practice Areas - select all that apply

Number of employees - please select the range that represents the total number of employees for your organization.

Address - your company's main address.

Primary Contact - select the primary contact for your account. Must be a user within the application.

Billing Contact - enter the contact information for the person responsible for billing and payments. This can be a third-party and does not have to be a user of the application.